Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get a key?

Rentals that happen during office hours will not need a key, and most rentals will be required to have a either a Front of House Manager or Technician (as engaged by Theatre Direct) who will be responsible for unlocking and locking the space. 

2. Do I get access to the Dressing Room?

Yes, all renters are granted access to the Dressing Room. We ask renters to respect the space, take out all garbage at the end of the rental, and remove any food from the fridge by the end of their rental period. If renters have been using the space for an extended period of time (3 days or more), Theatre Direct requires the company to mop and sweep the floors of the Theatre, and vacuum the Dressing Room/Lobby.

3. What is the capacity of Wychwood Theatre?

120 people

The theatre’s seating unit can be configured in one of two ways.  You may request the seating unit out (seating for approximately 80 adults, with the option to add additional rows on the floor), or you may request the seating unit in and use chairs for your audience.  The use of chairs reduces the audience capacity of the space.

4. What kind of amenities are in the Dressing Room?

The Dressing Room has a small fridge, an electric kettle, and a microwave. There are dishes, cups and cutlery for common use, but we ask that they remain in the space, and that they are cleaned by the renter immediately after use. Please do not label any cups or dishes for exclusive use by your company. There are tables, chairs and mirrors for use by the renter.  There is also a private washroom with a shower.

5. What kind of activities can happen in the Dressing Room?

Renters are more than welcome to use it as a quiet space to eat, review notes or rest. You may use the room for vocal rehearsals, meetings, or to go over notes after a rehearsal or performance. We only ask that you respect the space, and that you consider our “campfire” mentality of leaving the dressing room in better condition than you found it.

6. Do I need to supply my own coffee, tea and beverages for my company?

Yes. We have an electric kettle that you may use to boil water, as long as it remains in the Dressing Room. We do not have a coffee maker. Renters need to supply their own sugar, sweetener, milk, cream and stir sticks. 

7. Do you have water jugs we can use for rehearsal?

No, you will need to supply your own. 

8. How does building lock up work on weekends and evenings?

The Artscape Wychwood Barns is open to the general public from 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Sunday, and you can access the space from either Christie Street or Wychwood Avenue. If you need to get into the building after hours, and you do not have a technician or Front of House manager scheduled with your rental, arrangements should be made in advance with the Rental Coordinator.

9. Is it alright to drop off my rehearsal items (props, set elements, etc.) before my official rental period begins?

Typically, no. In general, we ask that when you make arrangements for your booking, you account for set up time. If your rehearsal begins at 10:00am on Monday, book yourself at 9:00am to allow adequate set up time. Because so many people use the space, and there are a great number of people in and out, we ask that you not come in early with items unless it is absolutely necessary.

10. Can we tape out the floor for rehearsals?

Yes, but please bear in mind that the theatre may be used by multiple renters, and to maintain the finish, spike tape is the best kind of tape to use. If you are just in daily and do not have an exclusive rental, you must remove tape at the end of the day. Sometimes our other renters use the space for photography or filming, and need the clean floor, so it is an inconvenience to them. If you have rented the space exclusively you may put down tape so long as it is removed and the floor is washed at the end of your rental period. 

11. Is there a sound system I can access in the theatre?

Yes, there is an in-house stereo system, but you must speak to the Rental Coordinator regarding its use. The theatre has the input capability to play CDs, iPods, and laptops.

12. Do you have music stands?

Yes, Theatre Direct does have music stands, but only a limited number.  Please contact the Rental Coordinator to determine if we have enough to suit your needs.

13. Do you have a piano? Is it tuned?

We have a piano, and it is tuned one a year. If you need one, please check with the Theatre in advance of your rental.

14. Do you have spare tables and chairs?

Theatre Direct has a variety of folding tables and chairs, which are shared. Please contact the theatre in advance to arrange the amount you will need for your rental.  If the number of tables and chairs exceeds what we have available, there may be an additional charge for rental.  There are approximately 20 chairs accessible for a standard rental.